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Gawai Blogger 2009

Gathering of Borneo Blogger

Borneo Blogger Community – Tribune Institute


Kalimantan as one of the largest island has a lot of despairs. Kalimantan is a heaven of the world to save the two related currencies. Tropical forests are exploited for illegal logging. Biological richness in the forest almost extinct is over the loss of one bye one species in the forests of Kalimantan. The Potency will not be added as value for the community when not managed and promoted properly.

Viewing conditions with the same concern is based, BBC and Tribune Institute have an integrated action plan to regenerate and increase public awareness about the how important preservation of Borneo, in viewing the different sectors: economic, social and cultural.

This is in line with government's desire to promote the tourism industry would have greater desire to promote and introduce the potential for nature tourism of West Kalimantan as well as possible to the world.

When the first information is disseminated from mouth to mouth, radio, newspapers, and television, and now with the progress in the field of information technology, Internet becomes the main option. The media is called Web Blog.

Campaign and information about the wealth and natural beauty of Borneo are more knowledgeable, with the involvement of the Blogger Community. It is going to be dynamic. Now day, the number of Bloggers in Indonesia reached 1 million people. Blogger can be a campaign tool and effective communication for the 1.4 billion internet users.

Gawai Blogger (Blogger Party) is a gathering event for Blogger of Kalimantan island (Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam). This activity seeks concrete action from the Blogger to Kalimantan Island in particular and the world in general.


  • Blog / Photo Competition, level: high school / college students and the public as well as dedication Taman Pintar Alun-alun Kapuas (March - May 2009)
  • Road show / Training (March-May)
  • Blogger Trip, Pontianak - Singkawang - Melawi (H-3)
  • International Seminar (Saturday, 27 June 2009)



Saturday, June 27

08:30 - 09:00

Participant Registration

09:00 - 09:10

Speech from the Chairman of the Committee

09:10 - 09:30

Speech from the Governor *

Speech from Menbudpar / Menhut *


Discussion about blogging for the earth

WWF - Blogger foreign

Provincial Government

GM Telkom

Moderator: Alex Mering


Announcement of Winners:

- Writing competition

- Best Blog / Favorites

10:30 – 12.30

Session I BLOG AND tourism:

Visit mutually Kalbar 2010

Nukman Luthfie / Romi Satria Wahono

Moderator: Nur Iskandar




Session II

BLOG: Netpreneur

Cosaranda/Kang Rohman

Moderator: Eddy Setyawan


Coffee break


Announcement of winners





Closing MC – Done


  • The arising of student / community awareness about the urgency of the environment.
  • To develop and create a city of Pontianak as a trading and services based smart city “intelektualitas”.
  • Promotion/dissemination programs work-related environmental issues.
  • The growth of interest in the issue of environment and form communities that are involved actively.
  • Optimizing the strength of the Internet as a media campaign "face" of Kalimantan in the world through the internet.

    The Executive Committee:

    Borneo Blogger Community (BBC) in cooperation with Institute Tribune

    Official Address Gawai Blogger '09:

    Jln. Purnama. No 2 Pontianak

    Cp. Yaser - 0813 4524 2799, Mering - 0812 5624 789

    Bank: Mandiri KCP Pontianak

    Account No. 146-00-0453726-7

    a / n M. Yaser Syaifudin

Person to contact Alexander Mering HP: +628125624789 ||

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