Persandingan Kat & Jr di Surga - CINTA anda akan hidup lama di dalam hati kita! Mabuhay ang bagong kasal!"

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"Terbaek. Pengetahuan yg luas dan sungguh menghiburkan para pembaca lagipun dgn brita terkini yg tepat dan padat. " - Jesrim Akok ✌ "macam macam ada..utk di kongsi bersama...nang best juak..teruskan usaha murni anda mr J. " - Habsah Mo C D ✌ "1borneo ba..sporting.. " - Dekmon Alan ✌ "macam2!! terbaikkk!!! " - Anastasia Julie Lobert
Tdak pernah terlambat. Mereka berdua akan menjadi pasangan yang sepadan pada hari persandingan tetapi malangnya tinggal beberapa hari sebelum persandingan kedua - duanya telah kemalangan di jalanraya yang melibatkan motosikal dan meninggal dunia.

Bagi meneruskan tanpa memisahkan serta untuk kalbulkan hajat mereka, maka suasana maljis pengembumian bertukar suasana kepada sebuah maljis perkahwinan mereka berdua, Ya! Cinta itu bergitu Agung sekali sehingga mampu membuatkan hati lelaki Mr.J sedikit sebak setelah membaca kisah yang dituliskan oleh rakannya. 

Maljis Pengembumia bertukar Perkahwinan yang sebak. - Pic Kat and JR (Photo from danlenaiet’s blog)
This couple proved that it IS in fact, never too late. They intended to marry but were both caught in a motorcycle accident. While a funeral should be a time of mourning, the atmosphere was happy as the bride and groom looked beautiful as ever.

” Last November 18 2014 I was shocked to hear the sad news that my dear friend Kat and her long time boyfriend Julio had a worse motorcycle accident which had led them to their death-together. This happening taught me so many things and urged me to write this post to share my thoughts with you.

Kat is one of the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She has these sweet charming eyes that could melt you down, shiny lips that always paints a smile and rosy cheeks that always turns red. Kat is a sensitive girl. She cries easily, laughs easily and falls in love easily. She always sees the good in everything and in everyone that is why she could make friends with everybody and appreciate the good side rather dwell on the bad side of people.

JR on the other hand belongs to the goons of our high school campus. You cannot imagine them being together with Kat being a silent sweet girl. I think she is too sensitive to have a relationship with a typical playboy. :-) Yet Julio was also a leader like Kat and Kat never missed to see this good side of his.

It all started with a “Hi Kat!” from Julio when we were walking on the path walk right in front of the teacher’s office. What Kat heard was not Julio’s voice but cupid’s arrow striking her straight to the heart! They started texting however at that time Julio was still in a relationship with one of our classmates. That is why Kat was hooked in the theme song “Borrowed Time” by Cueshe because they were just borrowing the happy times that they had spent together in the pavilion at the back of the school building. Well, well God always has his creative ways of bringing them together and giving them the time that is exclusively theirs. Eventually they started this great journey of being together as boyfriend and girlfriend. -and the rest is history-

The last time I saw Kat we were talking about when we will both get married and she said that she would want to be married at 28. I jokingly answered her that i’ll be dead by that time and I could still remember how she laughed. The last talk we had was just about her posts where Julio sends her gifts all the time. I jokingly told her that she should take it down because many girls envy how she is loved and how she loves his BF.

And now they have embarked on another journey where they could even love each other more. Last November 22, 2014 5pm, JR and Kat was blessed by an officiating priest to be together in love. It was our first time to feel two couples being wedded after death. 4 hours before the ceremony started our elementary and highschool classmates gathered together to witness the blessing of the so-called wedding that they had. Instead of being sad and devastated, the environment was so happy that JR and Kat looked really beautiful and handsome. I know that they were looking down and following the ceremony that we were having. As the mass started, I just closed my eyes and imagined Kat in that stunning wedding gown and Julio, teary-eyed, waiting to have her bride on his arms as his wife.

I wish we all have this kind of love, a love that until death-never parts.

Kat and JR, thank you for teaching us to love as how you have loved. Thank you for teaching us that life is too short for hatred, worry and envy. And most of all.. thank you for teaching us that no matter how painful life would end, our body is just a vessel and our spirit will surely flourish when we are surrounded with the people whom we shared this gift of life.

Congratulations! Your love will live long in our hearts! Mabuhay ang bagong kasal! “


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