What Makes A Malaysian A Malaysian?

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What Makes A Malaysian A Malaysian?

1. A typical young Malaysian can name all the players from a top English Premier League club,
but ask him to name one football player from Malaysia, he cannot!

2. When StreamyX come, you complain StreamyX too slow. When Maxis Broadband come, you complain Maxis Broadband always disconnects. When WiMax come, you complain Wimax too expensive.
In the end, you say StreamyX still the best lah.

3. When highway toll price increase, you complain. When petrol price increase, you complain.
When you go Starbucks buy RM10 coffee, NO COMPLAINTS.

4. When you cannot find parking in a shopping mall and have to walk very far, you complain.
When you go inside the shopping mall and there's SALE , run from one end of 1Utama to the other, that one NO COMPLAINT..

5. You are always late. And the excuse you give when you're late is always either:
(a) traffic jam (b) no transport or (c) cannot find parking.

6. You have a parent who forces you to take science stream in high school, study engineering in Uni,
then when you graduate, they ask you to forget everything you learnt in Uni and do commerce..

7. You know someone who can
specially develop an angmoh accent when speaking to an American / British / Australian.

8. You complain against the government in kopitiam, you talk loud loud. Leave anonymous comments on blogs, you also talk loud loud. Attend ceremah by DAP, you shout loud loud.
Then when Opposition organise a protest and ask you to go, you dun wan. Scared later kena tangkap by ISA.

9. Every year on the 30th April,
you are one of the people below queuing up last minute to submit your tax return at the IRB.

10. When you pay RM10 for something that costs RM1,
you blame the Chinese.

11. When a government service is too slow,
you blame the Malays.

12. When a building is not good and collapsed,
you blame the Indians...

13. When a Chinese student won a scholarship, you say 'Wah! Very clever hor?'
When a Malay student won a scholarship, you say 'Aiya! Of course lah! He Malay mah!'

14. When an angmoh stranger kisses you on the cheek to say hello, you very happy.
When a Malaysian guy kisses you on the cheek to say hello, you slap him in face.

So why? What? and how could be? .... LOLLLL.. anywhr we are Malaysian... Peace..
Salam ceria ,
Mr. J
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